Luzerner Theater


Play by Raphael Spregelburd

Swiss premiere

Director: Andreas Herrmann  
Choreography: Darie Cardyn  
Costume: Birgit Künzler
Music: Jacob Suske  
Lighting: Peter Weiss  
"Panic" is the fifth part of a seven-piece cycle, the heptalogy of Hieronymus Bosch on the Seven Deadly Sins. Rafael Spregelburd, born in 1970, is one of Argentina's most important contemporary authors. In his plays he searches for the modern equivalents of anger, pride, lust, inertia, gluttony, greed and envy.

Luzern, Schweiz | 2008

Photography: Andreas Herrmann | Studio Wehberg | Tanja Dorendorf | Toni Suter